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Don't Shrink Your Potential.

Your New Identity After Sport

Embrace Mindset as a Science

I'm offering x3 proton (free) Mindset Coaching session because I have a job interview coming up where my coaching skills will be rigorously tested. If I get the role then I will be a Tony Robbins Results Coach. However, I need your help so that I can perfect a specific technique. That's why I'm not doing this with my current paying clients. Three limited spaces available.

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The Results You'll Get:

Master Your Emotions


Chris uses Neural Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy techniques to help you overcome unpleasant feelings that keep getting triggered. Thrive and get back to building your dream life. 


Unleash Your Power


Fear is learnt. It can also be unlearnt. No more hiding, time to play big with all that inner power. Unlock the top 1% of your personal and professional potential as you forge strong ​emotional boundaries that others won't cross. 


Be Authentically You

No more masks. Have your your interactions with others to come from your Authentic Self. The real you! Connect with yourself and others around you a feel most valued.

Time To Crush Your Goals

What's Included

Your Free Package

  • Results planning call (valued at £85)

  • One-to-one mindset coaching with Chris, x3 sessions (valued at £255)

  • Mindset profiling assessment to discover your strengths and weaknesses (valued at £79)



  • Mindset Mastery 4-day training course (valued at £129)

Total value of £548 (GBP)
But today it's FREE
Bonnie's Experience
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Meet Your Coach

I'm Chris, I'm a certified coach with 250+ hours using a scientifically-backed methodology called Meta Dynamics which is a combination of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy. This work has been a life long passion and I'm excited to help you unlock your personal and professional potential though managing those unwanted thoughts and feelings. 

Success Stories

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