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Get Your Edge: The Powerful Coaching Culture Advantage 
In-person, or online workshops

Your Talent Is Your Greatest Asset For Business Growth

What is the most important aspect of a business?

Can you have brilliant marketing and still not have a thriving business? Yes.

Can you have an influential sales system and still not have a thriving business? Yes.

Can you have an amazing product and still not have a thriving business? Yes.

The quality of a business is driven by one factor far more than anything else.

The people. 

Fortune 500 companies including Google foster a coaching culture because it catalyses business performance, employee engagement, and wellbeing. 

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Business Coaching

Culture Transformation Does Not Have to Take Decades

Culture transformation can happen in an instant, but you must immerse yourself to create that change. During this workshop you will...


Take Self-Leadership To New Levels, And In-Turn Have A Greater Team Impact


Effectively Handle Conflict, Improve Wellbeing And Increase Talent Retention


Heighten Engagement Between All Employee Seniority Levels


Maximise Creativity and Time Management and with Proven Mindset Tools
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It’s Time For Your Edge: The Coaching Advantage

Bridge the gap between a good business and a great one. Leverage the power of the talent you already have with the ultimate catalyst for growth.

Shift The Focus To Solutions

Identify business problems, but enable the power and energy of your talent to focus on creating solutions.
What You'll Get From The Workshop:

Increased Learning 

Knowledge is power, and when you ask better questions you get better answers. Work performance is enhanced with a more constructive, open and honest culture.


Resilience To Change

Individual resilience is compounded by the type of strong, ever-present support network that is inherent within a coaching culture. 


Multiplying Effect 

The seemingly small mindset shifts that come with a coaching culture will have a multiplying effect causing giant results.

How It Works

Complete the enquiry application form to help us understand your business culture needs and how you envision coaching fitting in.
Organisations We've Worked With:
"Chris is a compassionate heart centred coach, who is passionate supporting his clients to reach their desired outcomes."

LJ, Team Manager

Who This Workshop Is For

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Businesses that want a self-motivating culture to drive the vision 

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Leaders who want to bring the best out in their talent. 

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Gain the tools to maintain a perpetual state of growth, inspiration, and progress. 

Your Culture
Your Choice

Enquire about Coaching In Business today. 
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