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Unleash The Power

If you knew you could handle anything that life had to offer, what would you attempt, or endeavour to do? Unleash your inner power in this ultimate 6-month programme. By the end of our work together you'll be able to effectively manage and regulate unwanted thoughts and feelings on your own. Achieve the emotional and mindset state required to reach your goals and reclaim your Authentic Self and unleash your potential.

The Results You'll Get:

Master Your Emotions


Chris uses Neural Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy techniques to help you overcome unpleasant feelings that keep getting triggered. Thrive and get back to building your dream life. 


Unleash Your Power


Fear is learnt. It can also be unlearnt. No more hiding, time to play big with all that inner power. Unlock the top 1% of your personal and professional potential as you forge strong ​emotional boundaries that others won't cross. 


Be Authentically You

No more masks. Have your your interactions with others to come from your Authentic Self. The real you! Connect with yourself and others around you a feel most valued.

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What's Included

By the end of the 12-weeks you will: 

  • Have a strong relationship with yourself with important emotional boundaries that keep unwanted thoughts and feelings at bay.  

  • Healthy emotional mindset, including massively reduced stress levels. 

  • Have rewired your brain to achieve your goals and dreams. 


  • Unleashed inner power planning call (valued at £90)

  • One-to-one mindset coaching with Chris, x20 sessions (valued at £1,986)

  • x22 mind management classes with group coaching every Tuesday (valued at £1,798):

    • Starting Tuesday 5th September

    • Ending on 28th November

  • Subconscious profiling assessment to work with your emotional needs (valued at £37)

  • Personal learning type assessment with physiological mindset technique plan so that you can deal with stress and anxiety effectively whenever you're triggered (priceless)

  • Neuropsychology mind management exercises and workbooks (valued at £99)

  • Private group with like-minded professionals​ (priceless)

Bonus (One-Time-Only)

  • Unlimited access to the 4-week Emotional Fitness Mastery challenge (valued at £275)

  • Meta Dynamics thinking profile to learn your mind's strengths and weaknesses (valued at £97)

    • Meta Dynamics thinking profile unpack session were Chris will explain your results and how to move forward (valued at £82)

Total value of £4,462 (GBP)
Your price today 937
Bonnie's Experience
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The 6-Month Programme

Breakdown of our 6-month journey together:

Dump Magical Thinking

We’re going to need to dump the distractions we’ve been relying on that prevented us from having the life we want to have. Magical thinking... that somehow, something will happen, somewhere, to make ‘things’ right... needs to go.

Get To The Truth of You

Albert Einstein once said, "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." I trust, after reading this, you never see your ‘problems’ in the same way again... We have two types of problems. We have safe problems, created by our False Self. And we have risky problems, that we need to face, to restore our I-amness, and experience our Unique Self.

Release Yourself From The Shadows

When we’ve been judged, rejected, threatened with abandonment if we don’t comply, mocked, ignored, or shamed, we lose our I-amness. The more this happens, and the more intensely we feel this, the more our I-amness is hidden away. Darkness reigns. We forget the Three Golden Truths...

  1. I am worthy

  2. I am lovable

  3. I am enough

Reclaim Your Unique You 

John C. Parkin once said, "you have to say a big F**K it to what others think of you, and say about you."When we open up with someone whom we trust, and who is there for us, unconditionally, this is us healing ourselves. We are connecting with someone when we’re not wearing a mask, or trying to impress them, or aiming to protect ourselves from hurt. This gift of openness is us showing ourselves compassion.

Know You’re Enough  

What we need is to feel self-worth, lovable, and that we are enough. Our I-amness is central to how we feel about ourselves, our world around us, and whether we believe we can handle what happens. Part of how we restore our I-amness is to know, live and nurture our needs.

The Tribal Cycle Ends With YOU 

Our parents – the Magical Big People – had a hold over us, that may still be there, today. I would go further, and say, the more ‘enmeshed’ (reliant on the opinions of, and seek the permssion of) we are with our parents, the less of ourselves we can become. We can’t become ourselves, until we stop trying to please ‘them’.

How To Fall Back In Love With Yourself 

A beautiful quote by Maya Angelou, "you may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." One of the keys to this journey to your I-amness is to begin to explore, own, and embrace the aspects of you that you’ve been rejecting...

This Is My Resignation 

We are not here, on this Earth, to please our Magical Big People and live for them and their. Our Magical Big People were unsure. Insecure. Raised in a tribal system where they had to placate and please their Magical Big People. They never had the opportunity to know there was a Unique Self within. They didn’t know they were, and are, living a role. They didn’t know that their own insecurities, and their neediness, was handed to us.

Awaken Your Emotional Self 

We learned, at an early age, which emotions were ‘approved’, and which emotions were ‘banned’. Our emotions... all of them... matter.

Power Up Your Unique You 

You feel fulfilled, happy and centred when you know you can count on yourself to handle what comes, which frees you from the low-grade anxiety so many live with, and think is ‘normal’.

You Were Born to Trust 

Harold Sherman once said, "the more you depend on forces outside yourself, the more you are dominated by them." The goal is to be the person you want to attract in your life. 

You Are Compassion and Love 

We don’t need others to act a certain way to be loved. We want others to be themselves, and find it wonderful when they feel safe enough with us to be messy, silly, serious, happy, proud or sad. We’re that friend who expects others to be vulnerable without apology or justification.

How It Works

Hit 'Apply Now' to book an initial one-to-one call with Chris, discuss your eligibly and if this is the right programme for you. Meet Chris and see if you click with him. Trust is a huge factor in the coach-client relationship, so let's spend some time getting to know each other well. 


Retail Worker

If you are wanting to make a difference in your life and create a deeper connection with yourself.. do yourself a favour and have a session with Chris.


Student Support

In the first 45 minutes he supported me to normalise and regulate such a heavy experience in my life! Thanks to Chris, I now feel more confident and connected to my inner self!


Senior Course Advisor

Chris is an awesome coach who brings so much care and kindness. He utilises techniques and systems to listen and communicate deeply. You want this guy in your corner to tap in to your inner self.

Meet Your Coach

I'm Chris, I'm a certified coach using a scientifically-backed methodology called Meta Dynamics which is a combination of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy. This work has been a life long passion and I'm excited to help you unlock your personal and professional potential though managing those unwanted thoughts and feelings. 

What Clients Are Saying

"I was rushed to the hospital and within 24hrs on the operating table. Definitely one of the scariest times in my life. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and particularly getting me through an exceptionally traumatic time. I would recommend your amazing programme/coaching to everyone. THANK YOU!" 

Training Manager

Total Value

This programme is worth £4,462 (75% OFF).

Optional Extra

Profile your thinking style with the Meta Dynamics assessments and have Chris unpack your results so that you can focus on areas to stretch your mindset further. Receive x4 thinking profile unpack session with Chris for only £491 and reach your personal and professional potential. 

Who The Programme Is For

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I want a system to master my stress and background anxiety.

Green Tick.png

I'm ready to rewire my brain to unleash my Authentic Self.

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I want to finally give my feelings a voice to be heard.

Green Tick.png

I want to have defined emotional boundaries that others don't cross.

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I want to filter out the fog and focus on what matters to me.

What Professionals Are Saying

"Chris is an awesome coach who brings so much care and kindness. He utilises techniques and systems to listen and communicate deeply. You want this guy in your corner to tap in to your inner self"

Senior Course Advisor


Sales Exec

My time on the course with Chris was so beneficial for reaching my goals. The course felt really personalised and I still go back to my notes when I hit a roadblock. I'll be taking this into my future for sure!


Project Manager

Working with Chris was such a breath of fresh air. I had a jumble of ideas in my head of how I wanted my life to look and Chris helped me put the techniques and goals in place to achieve my wants and needs.


Training Manager

"I was rushed to the hospital and within 24hrs on the operating table. Definitely one of the scariest times in my life. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and particularly getting me through an exceptionally traumatic time. I would recommend your amazing programme/coaching to everyone. THANK YOU!" 

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