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The Stress Epidemic Must Stop

Embrace Wellworking
As A Science

Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching
Meta Dynamics
Credentialed Advanced Practitioner
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Business Coaching

Specialist Results Coaching That Transforms Burnout Into Wellworking For UK MedTech Engineers And Product Designers
So They Can Live Passion. 

Our workforce is facing an epidemic of burnt-out workers, and the support business are offering isn’t helping. Our workshops and coaching solutions use behavioural science to drive wellbeing that’s sustainable and practical.

Want Wellworking?

The World Health Organisation reported stress as the No. 1 health epidemic of the 21st Century, not COVID-19.

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Free Training

Learn to master stress using the latest behavioural science.

The UK Workforce Today



Cannot Cope

74% of Brits are so stressed they feel unable to cope. The daily overwhelm continues to mount up into burn out. How much longer can this be tolerated?  



Have Anxiety

61% of our stressed out workforce also reported feeling anxious, and 51% reported feeling depressed. Something has to change. If not now, when? 


17.9 Million

Days Lost

Feel like you've lost your spark for what was once your passion? You're not alone as 17.9 million working days are lost every year due to stress related absences.

Our Solutions Provide
Work  Satisfaction

Feel valued and know that your work matters. Enjoy how you are contributing to the world once again.

Peak Performance

Realise your potential, know that you're capable and feel in control of your professional life. 

Focus &

Realign with what matters most to you in life, including your health and relationships. Get back to hitting your goals and living your dreams.

Success Stories

Meet Your Coach

I'm Chris, I'm a certified Results Coach using the scientifically-backed methodology called Meta Dynamics which is a combination of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Gestalt Therapy. I dynamically switch between disciplines to get the best results and breakthroughs for my clients. 

Previously, I coached for the International Coaching Institute and have since practiced 300+ hours of transformational coaching.

Discover The Power of Coaching

Want to achieve real results NOW? Schedule your FREE 30-minute introductory session today! During the session you will identify at least three current barriers and limiting beliefs. Then you'll set challenging goals and begin defining a vision for your success. After your session, you can sign up for monthly coaching. 

What Professionals Are Saying

Coaching Professionals
"Chris is an awesome coach who brings so much care and kindness. He utilises techniques and systems to listen and communicate deeply. You want this guy in your corner to tap in to your inner self"

Senior Course Advisor

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